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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  December 30, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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all right, it's exactly 6:00. two days away from now, we'll ring in the new year. that's what's outside right now on december 30th. we'll have weather and traffic together. we'll start with marty. two days from now, we'll bring in a new year and a now moon, to be honest. venus is bright in the sky. it's a really, really great, almost day start. it's clear enough, we'll start to see the first light of day on the eastern horizon. the sunrise is still, well, 45, 50 minutes away. there's venus and the moon. let's look at the day part. we'll have clear skies
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throughout the day. the mid-20s now and 40s at lunch. we're going for a high of 44. i can see it getting warmer. here's the thing about the morning. taking a look at the radar to the west coming in on this flow that's defining the next two or three days. there's rain, it's not coming further east than garrett county. having said that. i need to show you the graphic. garrett county actually has a freezing rain advisory in effect. again, here, frankly, from hagerstown east, you won't see rain at all. rush hour's on the moon -- not the moon, but the move. good morning, sharon. hi, gigi, well, good morning. traffic is light on the roadways. we have a few minor issues out there. first of all, if you're traveling in the streets, we have debris at the road. take 543 there and there's an
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accident in ellicott city at carroll mills. we have a chemical spill, though on pulaski on north point avenue. also, a minor water main break on a dead end street at king william drive. meantime, there's a look outside. 95 north of white marsh, traffic is light. there's a look at the westside of the beltway. wjz is always on, for traffic information any time. go to back to you. thank you, sharon. here's what people will be talking about today. our breaking news which we told you about at 11:00. a retired police officer shoots a man during a robbery. wjz is live at pimlico where the shooting happened. andrea fujii has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, gigi and good morning, everyone. the suspect was in critical condition at last check. when the officer ordered his dinner at the take out, he
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stepped in to stop the robbery. before 10:00, an attempted robbery at judy's island grill and bake shop. it was across the street from pimlico. the officer decided to act when the man pulled out a weapon. >> he engaged the suspect and fired at least once and injured the suspect. >> reporter: the suspect was in his late teens or early 20s. he was taken to a hospital and in critical condition. it's not clear how many shots were fired. the police officers are staying tight lipped about the officer's career. >> he's doing well and he's interviewed by detectives. it's a course of matters. >> reporter: it's not clear if there were other customers in the restaurant. we know that no one else was injured. judy's island grill was a
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popular jamaican carry out. it's not clear if it's been targeted in previous robberies. an update on a story we've stayed on top of. a 6-year-old special sneeds student died after falling off the back of the bus, the bus driver may have violated policy by not stopping the bus when he heard a fight. a gas oven could be to blame for the carbon monoxide leak in north east baltimore that left two women dead on tuesday. the oven door was open in the house on gill ford avenue. three others were rushed to the hospital. the home didn't have a carbon monoxide detector at the time. a drug bust at the port of baltimore. as weijia jiang reports. the agents made the bust on board a cruise ship. >> reporter: the federal authorities say that it was a
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ship security officer that tipped them off that a plan was brewing on board. it's called the enchantment of the sea. it's a popular ride out of baltimore. it's now at the center of a federal investigation. three employers tried to smuggle the drugs they purchased in mid-december. it sparked mixed reaction from locals. >> oh, man, that's worse, our kids are dying. kids, drugs and school. >> and that's the way it is, how else will you get the drugs here in large quantities. >> reporter: these are the people indicted by the grand jury. they found 700-grams of heroin and 300-grams of cocaine on
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december 18th. >> the documents show they planned on switches everything out at this wal-mart. the agents were already watching. >> reporter: they found the drugs in this woman's purse in wal-mart. police stopped him on hanover street. he told the officers he was paid $4000 to deliver the drugs at wal-mart. they've both been indicted. his attorney says she's not guilty and she has no criminal record. reporting in baltimore. a spokesperson says that they have no comment at the time. >> a 75-year-old woman died in new york in sunday's snowstorm.
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it took the workers three hours to get to the house. >> oh, it's going to be evening and you want to see the ball drop, it's still a mass, it looks like a disaster, do you see it? >> my heart goes out to those who experience tragedy during the storm. >> i would like an apology, but he never does things like that. >> she plans on burying her mother on new year's eve. back here, the investigation into the robo calls made on election night continues. according to the baltimore sun, the lawyers are using the first amendment to defend this man's actions. his calls telling people to stay home, they say were constitutionally protected by
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free speech. maryland's coach ends his career on a high note picking up a victory over east carolina and yesterday's military bowl. the running back shines, running for # 0 -- 203-yards and two touchdowns. >> it's an emotional time. talk about this final game and the fans coming out and supporting you? >> i can't thank all of the people enough that have written me. i thank them all. >> the score board sends a message. >> i think it does. we need to be in the top 25. >> he was the acc coach of the year. he went 5-2 in bowl games at the school. this last game was the second biggest winning margin of the winning history. under the weight of two feet of snow, the metrodome
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collapsed a few weeks ago and repairs won't be finished until march. that will force the relocation of hundreds of games and other events. hey, can we go back to the fridge? i was watching the bowl game last night, it was mentioned. if maryland had a tradition, the seniors are carried off of the field. it's kind of a neat thing. that would be heavy. >> well, yeah. we say it with love. the last practice, they carried fridge off of the field. it was telling you about life and coaching. if you're the coach of the year, you get canned. >> he's so well loved all over maryland. >> it will be interesting to see where he ends up. it will be. and meanwhile, look, maryland ran all over east carolina yesterday. it was point i was thinking, just take him, guys.
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just go ahead and end the game. what was it? just take them. >> yeah, 51-20. >> and could maryland be in the top 25. that remains to be seen. boy, how would you like to be a coach of the year? >> and a coach at your alma mater. >> whoever first coined the phrase of fiddler on the roof had it right the first time. isn't that the truth? this is a cool story we have from ron. we have this big dome of high pressure running the weather and it's firing the air. see the word, thaw there. we'll look at the doppler radar, we have the moisture to the west. close enough that garrett county has a freezing rain advisory in effect. the rain won't migrate further east than that. this dome of high pressure is
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acting like an umbrella over much of the state and the mid- atlantic, if you will. so, today, partly sunny and a high of 44. i can see it getting warmer and maybe into the mid-to upper 40s this day with enough sun. we're throwing the sun in because of the proximity of the rain to the west. no rain and temperatures are where they should be. someone should say it's warm. it's not a brutally harsh morning. >> oh, not at all. compared to monday, we're in south beach. let me tell you. >> with that pink cadillac, you look like it. >> well, i have to talk about the fridge for a second. ralph handled himself with class and dignity, ten seasons, 7 1/2 wins a season. he went to seven bowl games and he won five of them.
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he's a graduate and he deserved to be treated better. shame on the university of maryland for the way they treated him. they didn't do things right. congratulations on a great career. >> and it's impossible to disagree with anything you said. >> we have a great story, we're infront of a pink limousine. it's the first one in maryland. you can rent it and it's for a great cause. we'll tell you about the limo lady when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right, let's check in with the weather. we're down from 24. that's the standard and that's average. calm winds, 88% and the barometer has risen. now, it's up to 30.22. we're in the low 20s at hagerstown and elkton and easton. 18degrees in ocean city and a 30-degree reading up from d.c. in ocean city. i think west of cumberland --
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actually, there's the threat of freezing rain. it's interesting, oakland is the chilliest spot. we have the warm air pressing into the region. 23degrees in cumberland. it will be warmer than that in the 40s this day here locally. 22 columbia and 26 rock hall and annapolis. that means here's this push of mild air. once again, the rain won't migrate east of garrett county, this is sending up to a nice mild stream. we're calling for a high temperature around 44 degrees and partly sunny. remaining cold, i don't know in i would say that. the normal is 44. back to normal finally. patchy clouds and overnight, look at that! new year's eve, itself, we'll be in the mid-to upper 30s.
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great weather. saturday, we'll cloud up a bit ahead of a cold front. still, 52 sunday and a few showers around. as far as the impact around the russell street coliseum. we'll get the timing a bit better for you. it won't be a heavy duty rainy day. tuesday, partly sunny and 40. let's check the roads with sharon sharon. there---- sharon gibala. >> well, we have a mild commute. we've picked up a few new problems in the southbound lanes at cold spring lane, no delays at this point. watch for an accident in the city at white avenue and another one in hampstead on southbound route 30. also, a car fire at ritchie highway. and otherwise, taking a live look outside, that's the west side of the beltway. that's empty at frederick road. no issues on 95 and white marsh. this is brought to you by your
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toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward. back to you, gigi and marty. let's go to the ronster. i have one of the nicest e- mails about your guest and i'll read it at the end of the segment. >> glad to hear that. >> we're thinking pink this morning. with the state of maryland's first pink limousine. you can rent it and help others at the same time. ♪ >> reporter: in time for new year's eve, look at maryland's first pink limousine. >> we've had it a week and a half. >> reporter: she's the limo lady. this is the talk of the town. >> they take pictures and smile. if you can make someone happy and the money is going towards something good, what more could
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you ask for. my sister would give me the thumbs up on this. >> reporter: her sister died of cancer a year ago, this is a tribute to her and will benefit the st. joseph's medical center. they're like angels on earth and the portion of the proceeds will go to the cancer institute of st. joe. >> reporter: the lincoln stretch is 29 feet long and it holds 8 to 10 people and holds all of the bells and whistles. it's available for new year's. >> i have weddings booked for the spring. i have one prom. people want to go to dinner. once they find out that a portion of the proceeds is going to something good, they say, yeah, we'll go with that. ♪ >> all right, we're back in the wjz parking lot.
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we have the limo lady. >> good morning. >> you're based in parkville? >> yep. >> she was kind enough to bring the pink limo up here. you had a run this morning at 4:15? >> yes, taking clients to the airport. because offing the here, i -- because of being here, i couldn't bring the smaller car. i surprised them with this pink limo, they were tickled pink. >> i bet they were. >> and the interior is beautiful. you just got this ten days ago, is that right? >> well, 11 now. >> and the inside? >> it has the fiberoptics mood lighting and the wet bar. it has all of the bells and whistles. we don't have digital tv -- but we have a dvd player. people enjoy it and have a lot of fun in it.
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what happens in a limo stays in a limo. >> it holds 8 to 10 people? >> yes, go to for more. it's available for new year's eve. if you want it, give me a ring. >> and as soon as we post that, you'll be done. you'll be booked by 7:00. >> i got the phone here. i'm ready to roll. >> hold on -- what's, what's, we're going to get someone to ring it now. i want to read an e-mail about that phone. it says kudos to the limo lady. we found her by mistake. my husband's digit is one off from the limo lady and he was gracious about it. >> is it ringing, answer it? >> good morning, the limo lady
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-- this is joanna. hello? >> they hung up. >> that freaked them out. any way. i have to finish this. he was calling her by mistake and he was gracious. she promise -- we used her when we needed a limo. what she's doing reenforces the goodness she's displayed in her business. happy new year's. >> thank you, kathy, that's great, joanna has a great heart. i'm already getting phone calls, ron. hey, kathy -- >> because we're doing this, newman wants his 10%. and it really is only fair. >> well, thank you. >> can you hold a second?
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>> joanna, thank you, happy, healthy new year's. thank you for what you're doing. happy new year's, marty, and gigi. >> get back to your phone. >> all right, guys. >> hey, ronnie, tell her not to leave, i'm coming out after the break. >> hang in there, marty's coming out during the break. >> and you bring up the best part of the story. >> it's all about fighting that horrible, terrible disease. >> as all cancers are. this is really cool. we're taking a break and coming back. this is a beautiful story. ,,,
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still to come, is this punishment enough for a quarterback? and a retired police officer stepped in to stop a robbery. he's telling detectives what happened. we'll have a live report, just ahead. an unbelievable scene at a furniture store. something explodes and the sealing collapses. what happened? and volume is light on the roadways. if you're about to step out, no major problems.
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all right, coming up on coffee with -- i had to check this limo out. it even smells new. jon lovitz joins us. don did an interview with the funny man. he's raising awareness about a personal disease. it's a good coffee with as the eyewitness news morning edition continues after this. ,,,,,,,,
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looking live over the inner harbor where the new year's eve spectacular show will take place. we'll begin with marty. good morning, gigi. we have new year's eve tomorrow night. i have to tell you, it's a beautiful day's start. fortunately, it's not windy. it feels every bit of the mid- 20s. we were out with ron and the limo lady. clear skies in the area. we have a few passing fair weather clouds. in the low to mid-20s now, 43
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at lunch and going to a high of 44. it could get warmer. that's not a bad thing. 39degrees this evening. now, let's go to sharon gibala who has a look at the rush hour this morning. good morning, sharon. >> hi, delays aren't an issue this morning. we have a few accidents on the major roadways. the latest to northbound 83. that's on the lefthand shoulder. this is in the southbound lanes of the jf x. that's a change of location. that's on the right shoulder there and that's at walter and white. one at hampstead and one on 482. there's a car fire at ritchie highway. there's the drive times and the speeds on the beltway. that's an 11 minute drive on the top and on the westside.
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that's 95 at white marsh. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward. all right, thank you, sharon. at the top of the news this half hour, a popular carry out restaurant was targeted during a robbery. one of the customers shoots an alleged robber. andrea fujii has the details. >> reporter: the man is a retired city police officer. he's telling the detectives what happened. before 10:00, an attempted robbery at the judy's island grill and bake shop in park heights avenue across from pimlico. the retired city officer decided to act when the man pulled out a weapon. >> he engaged the suspect and fired once and injured the suspect. >> reporter: the suspect was in his late teens or early 20s.
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he was taken to an area hospital where he was in critical condition. the police aren't saying what kind of weapon that the suspect had. the city police are tight lipped for now. >> the officer's doing well and he's being interviewed right now. >> reporter: by law, the retired officers are allowed to carry weapons police will release more information about the case later on in the day. no one else was injured in the shooting. meanwhile, in anne arundel county, police arrest fourteens in two separate armed robberies that both ended in murder. the most recent was at the mr. wings and pizza in glenn bernie. the police are looking for a person who helped a teen in august. that's just streets way.
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the 43-year-old clerk was killed in that robbery. an update we first told you about yesterday morning. one man was shot to death inside an apartment in the 5200 block of day brook circle. one other man was found shot nearby. it's not clear if they knew each other. in maine, high winds are blamed in a ski lift collapse which we first told you about yesterday morning. the left at the sugar loaf mountain ski resort caused eight skiiers to drop to the ground. the winds gusted to 40 miles per hour at the time. fresh, soft snow cushioned their fall. overnight, a second person was confirmed killed following an explosion in a furniture store in detroit. a third is still in the hospital in serious condition. joel brown has more on the
6:36 am
deadly blast. >> reporter: witnesses say that the massive blast felt like an earthquake. the whole building just shook. i said, oh, my gosh. there's an explosion. we ran outside, we called 911. >> reporter: he got out just in time. the entire roof of the michigan furniture store caved in. three were trapped inside. fire crews had to put out the fire and lead the rescue. >> reporter: the structure collapsed down to the floor. it's a slow and tedious process. >> reporter: the owner of the store has been pulled out of the rubble, and he's critically injured. >> he was in there for about 15 minutes before the firefighters got him out. he was on fire. >> reporter: the explosion was felt up to a mile away rattling buildings and cars on the road. >> i thought the guy next to me had just hit me. until i looked back and all i
6:37 am
seen was smoke. >> reporter: the witnesses smelled gas. a natural leak is to blame. a few hours later, another leak was detectived nearby. a wider area was evacuated. joel brown, cbs news. and the police say that the three caught in the explosion worked at the furniture store. a stunning turn of events in the michael jackson manslaughter case. did the pop star kill himself? that's what the defense are reportedly planning on saying in court. he's on trial for giving jackson too much of a drug. the defense says that michael jackson injected more after murry left. another casino near ocean city conducted a dry run yesterday. nearly 1000 people were invited to take part in a soft opening.
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in sports, minnesota viking's quarterback is facing a $50,000 fine in connection with a sexting scandal. favre sent the woman messages when they were employed by the jets. he'll face no suspensions and that's something that the attorney says is unacceptable. the ravens are a few days away from closing out the regular season and one of the keys to their success is getting the ball in different hands. >> when we get the ball in the hands of the play mates -- that's the great part about the offense. i maintain my stats. it's crucial with the play makers we brought in. >> he didn't make the probowl, but reed did. he's been named afc defensive player of the week for having two interceptions last week. his next target is the we
6:39 am
thinkable's quart -- bengals engals quarterback sunday. the past three games, they've given us all we can handle and more. they know that and there's a chip on their shoulder. it's not like a steelers/ravens thing. it's getting gnarlly. harbaugh said, oh, no! out there to win the game and keeping up the momentum. hey, listen, i have to show you something cool. we're looking at venus and the moon. there's a beautiful sunrise east of what we're showing you. our buddy, dean, he's an amateur astronomer, he said this is one of the days where
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venus is rising in the sky. you'll be able to look at someone, around 9:00 or 10:00 and say, see that bright dot, that's venus, in broad daylight. give it a few house. if---- hours. if you look up. the moon is through its transit now. you can find it, even with the sun. you can look over and maybe see venus. you want to win a few bar bets on that one. >> if it's that clear now, we'll be able to look up in a few days and see it? >> well, a day and a half. >> well, i didn't think you would have to count it -- well, it's going into 2011. we're ringing in the new year's. >> well, that's it. >> my math is off. >> it's like dealing with the international dateline. what day is it in japan and do
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you care? >> we'll look at the first warning weather first warning doppler weather radar. we're seeing moisture to the east. garrett county has freezing rain because of the moisture. temperatures are below 32. here, looking at the day part by lunch, we'll be in the 40s. going for a high of 44. we'll see it warmer by the time we're doing the noon news. the average is the mid-to upper 20s. 39degrees this evening. coming up on coffee with, jon lovitz joining us and talking about psoriasis. it's a bad deal. what he's doing is bringing humor to the subject and raising awareness. funny man and the don scott man coming up. sharon gibala has wjz tv traffic control to talk about the weather. that's a great shot. look! you can see the moon, venus and the sunrise. talk about the weather for the
6:42 am
end of the year and the start of the new one, after this. ,,
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calm winds are in the area and that's a goodthing. it's not a harsh morning. barometer at 30.22. ocean city at 18 degrees. look at oakland, 30 degrees. we have a big push of mild air moving our way. you can almost draw a line to the push. 24, westminster and 25 in bel air and rock hall. 26 on annapolis and kent island. we have a freezing rain warning out for garrett county. this isn't migrating east of garrett county. this dome sends the mild air up the 95 corridor. today we're going for a high of 44. i could see that getting
6:46 am
warmer. it's going to be an afternoon that's comfortable. 25, patchy clouds overnight. tomorrow, we'll kick it up to 50 degrees. calm winds and cheer skies -- clear skies and temperatures about about 38-degree. -- overnight. >> a cold front is moving into the area for monday and tuesday. let's check the roads with sharon gibala and traffic control. >> hi, gigi, we cleared up the accident at northern parkway. we have a new one at northern parkway, rather. it's blocking the lanes there. there's a new accident to northbound 83 on the left shoulder and one at white avenue. another accident at hampstead at southbound route 30. it's 482. we have the car fire at anne
6:47 am
arundel county and a water main break at harford road. you don't have to watch for the delays on the beltway. that's a look at the drive times and the speeds on the beltway. we can look at the westside of the beltway at frederick road. that's looking good. the same for the topside at park heights. toyota, buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. this morning's coffee with is with john -- jon lovitz. >> please welcome john to the eyewitness news morning edition [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, thank you, great, thank you. >> >> i'm a big fan of "saturday night live" and the movies. >> oh, thank you. >> first question, what if you been doing, but what are you
6:48 am
doing now? you're obviously working about psoriasis. how did that come about? >> well, i got it about 11 years ago. it was a few dots on my arm and i got topical cream and got rid of it. it would go away and come back. the last few years it was covering half of my body, it was awful. i got lucky, a friend asked why i'm tan. it's supposed to be good for psoriasis, and there's a treatment that gets rid of it she said. there was a new treatment i tried and it worked i contacted the guy and i went. it worked for me. it's cleared my skin. i was so excited. i called the company that made it and i wanted to do a funny
6:49 am
public service announcement about psoriasis. if i can make it entertaining and funny, it may help people. they agreed. we have jerry zukker to direct it. he did "ghost" and "airplane." there's a website. there's a public service announcement and a song parody directed by jerry. it's funny and there's a question and answer section that's informative and funny and footage. we just, you know, we're encouraging people, if you have psoriasis, go see a dermatologist that specializes in psoriasis. i didn't even know a kind of a doctor existed that specialized in it. my own dermatologist said, you need to see a specialist. and there's new treatments. i feel like i'm in a position
6:50 am
to help. it's a horrible thing to have. it's miserable and you're itching and you're flaking and it bleeds. it's horrible. >> did it stop you from working? >> it's embarrassing -- >> did it stop you from working? >> no, but i had to put makeup on it and i have a comedy club in los angeles. i would be on stage in the summer wearing long sleeves because it was on my arms -- any way, i'm talking like this and i'm thinking, people are seeing it here. >> a great idea to go public. >> well, i'll have it always and it worked. i'm in the position to help. i thought, what's more important, to help people are
6:51 am
stay embarrassed and don't say anything. >> got it! hey, well, thank you for going public. i want to help people. >> again, the funny parody song is the great way to do it. now, i can ask my question, what else do you have coming up? >> i did a movie called "casino jack." he plays jack, the scandaled guy and the guy proproduced it died three weeks ago, he was the kind of director that the cast and we all loved him and we were friends with him. he's a real film maker. i'm proud to be in the great movie. people see it, it's scary, it's funny. it has a lot of action, it's informative. it's a terrific film. >> thank you for the laughs over the years and for your time.
6:52 am
well, thank you. thanks for laughing. >> well, i always do. so, that says something about you, primarily. jon lovitz, thank you. go to the website and check it out. the psa is there on it. you can chick it. we don't have sound, of course, and again, the movie "casino jack." if you're in los angeles, go to the universal walk with his comedy club. i never heard of it until i happened upon it out west. don't go away. we'll continue in a moment with another report on traffic and first warning weather. ,,,,,,,
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let's take a look at the forecast today. it's a beautiful day's start. it will be a fine afternoon with sunshine in the area and a high around huh degrees. here's honesty. it will be warmer than that. by this time, yesterday, we made it to 45. if you liked yesterday afternoon, with you'll enjoy this one. now, over to sharon gibala. good morning. hi, marty, good morning. we have an accident on the jfx southbound. that's approaching northern parkway. that involves a tractor trailer and it's blocking the right lane there. watch for potential delays. there's an accident to northbound 83. no problems there and a wreck in the city at walter and
6:56 am
white. one at hampstead on southbound route 30 at 482. a car fire there and a water main break at harford. watch for icy conditions. you don't have to watch for delays on the beltway. everything's at full speed. we can look at the beltway, that's a look at park heights. plenty of room in between cars there. same for 95. this is brought to you by lexus. and the season to change event. you'll not just find a great value, but a great lexus through the end of the year. back to you. >> all right, thank you, sharon. a retired baltimore police officer shoots a man who detectives say tried to rob a restaurant. the accused robber is in critical condition. it's not clear how many shots were fired. a gas oven may be to blame for the carbon monoxide leak in north east baltimore that left
6:57 am
two women dead tuesday. an oven door was found open in the home. three others were rushed to the hospital. the ocean's downs casino is set to open tuesday. it held a test run yesterday. 1000 guests were invited to come in and use the slot machines. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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